Is Big Idea Mastermind A Pyramid Scheme?


I know Donald Trump is not the most favorited guy around, but would you really want to argue financial advice coming from one of America’s top billionaires and businessmen?

A lot of people are wondering if Big Idea Mastermind is everything it’s cracked up to be.

Is it just another system where the people on top get stronger while the newest members suffer in a pool of debt and depression while struggling to hold on to their dreams of making money and becoming successful?

The ugly phrase, “pyramid scheme” gets thrown around because a lot of multi-level marketing companies do just that. The people on top got filthy rich while the people on bottom struggle to get by. These companies put a bad taste in the mouth of anyone looking to get involved with multi-level marketing.

People will also join one of these companies and classify it as a “pyramid scheme” if they fail. A lot of times these people did not try hard enough or put in what it takes to really become successful. Just because they couldn’t make it work, they classify it as a scam or pyramid scheme and spread their contempt.

While there are indeed a lot of companies out there who do not really care about your success, there are A LOT of them who do.

Just look at Amway, Nu Skin, and Isagenix for example. These companies have been around for a LONG time and people are STILL making money from them!

Amway alone has been around for 50+ years! I don’t think it would have had this much success if it were a “pyramid scheme” or some sort of scam.

big idea mastermind pyramid scheme

Trust me, I would tell you if Big Idea Mastermind were a scam, but I can confidently say that I believe Big Idea Mastermind WILL be the next Amway, if not better and more successful.

Big Idea Mastermind is not a pyramid scheme and there is a lot of proof to back that up.

Everyday I see photos of people making more money with Big Idea Mastermind than they do at their day jobs.

In fact, some people who have just joined are making more money than people who have been with Big Idea Mastermind for months! That doesn’t sound like a pyramid scheme to me..

Your success is equal to how much you want it.

The more work you put in, the more results you are going to get.

Everyday people are reaching the top with Big Idea Mastermind and I believe it is only going to get bigger.

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